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My Videos

I've started making tribute/fan videos. Please enjoy!!

Note, some of the videos are blocked in certain countries by Youtube. Those I've uploaded to Yahoo Videos. If the video you want to see is blocked, try the Mirror Link.

Takari ~ Love Conquers All
My first Takari video!

Patamon Tribute!
My first Patamon video! (It has PataGato in it too!)

Takari ~ A Lifetime Loving You
My first animated Takari video. I'm so proud of it!

Sailor Moon

SearMyu: The Mercury's of SeraMyu
My first video!

SeraMyu: "Knockin' Down Hesitation" Extended Ver. w/ ANZA & Marina
Timed clips to the song performed by ANZA.

SeraMyu: "Drive Me The Mercury" w/ Chieko & Manami
Timed clips to the song performed by Kawabe Chieko.

PGSM: "Make-Up!"*NEW*
Short "opening" video for Poretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

PGSM: "Going Under"*NEW*
Tribute video to Dark Mercury


D.Gray-Man Idol
Watch the show, and see who wins!

Marshall Cross Says He's "Too Sexy"
Got the idea while working on D.Gray-Man Idol.

Allen x Lenalee "Time After Time"
One of my favorite anime couples, Allen and Lenalee!
White Destiny (Allen x Lenalee)
Another AxL video!

D.Gray-Man Captors
CardCaptors opening with a DGM twist!

Go, Go, Exorcists!
Shift into Turbo! (includes AxL)

Lenalee's Wish

Bet On Allen Walker*NEW*
After losing his Innocence, Allen's down... but is he out?


Sebastian Versus Claude
Because Sebastian is infinitely better!

Yes, My Lord
My first full Kuroshitsuji video, mixing anime with the musical!

Sebastian versus Claude Part II
Sebastian continues to show why he is infinitely better than Claude!

Move It With Kuroshitsuji
The Kuro cast shows how they can "Move It"!

Phantomhive Rescue Rangers
These two sleuths always get the job done!

Finny and the Chipmunks*NEW*
The Phantomhive Servants are... the Chipmunks!

The Viscount's Secret*NEW*
Parody trailer for Viscount Druitt's new movie.

Will to Grell: I Don't Dance*NEW*
Grell dances, but can he convince Will to?

Sebastian versus Claude: The Ultimate Showdown*NEW*
An animated video to finish off the Seb vs Claude series.

Kingdom Hearts

Mighty Morphin' Organization XII
My first Kingdom Hearts video!

Kingdom Hearts Turbo
The first of my KH/PR opening videos

Kingdom Hearts in Space
The second of my KH/PR opening videos, using the full-length song.

Kingdom Hearts Lightspeed Rescue
The third of my KH/PR opening videos

Kingdom Hearts Fever
My first non-PR-themed KH video!

Chilly Down with Axel
It's Axel, enough said.

Kingdom Hearts Dance Magic
It's from "Labyrinth", need I say more?

Professional XIII
How to become a member!

Kingdom Hearts: Shiver My Timbers
The Organization buries its treasure!

Kingdom Hearts Ninja Storm
My fourth PR-opening video!

Kingdom Hearts in Space (version 2)
Much better version (in my opinion)!

Hearts Saga
The world of Kingdom Hearts becomes merged with Excel Saga!

She Is The One Sailor... Demyx?!
Kingdom Hearts and... Sailor Moon??

Other Anime's

Bleach: Introducting The Gotei 13 (Or Some of Them) ~ Burimyu Style
Nine members of the Gotei 13 introduce themselves to a Musical Song!

Bleach: Mighty Morphin' Bleach Rangers
Opening parody to MMPR with Bleach!

CardCaptor Sakura: Gotta Catch 'em All! CCS Style*NEW*
Catch those Clow Cards!!

Excel Saga: Dare to be Excel
The wackiest, craziest girl of them all!

Excel Saga: Mighty Morphin'... Public Workers?!
Protect the City of F... and cause lots of damage!

Pokémon: Try and Catch Pachirisu!
Have fun with Pachirisu! (DOWN)

Pokémon: Run Around With Pachirisu!
Have fun with Pachirisu! Part II (DOWN)

Slayers: Dragon Slayer: Lina Inverse*NEW*
Parody trailer announcing Lina's own movie!

Vampire Knight: Vampire of the Opera
Yuuki Cross and Kaname Kuran video!

Yu-Gi-Oh: Gotta Catch 'em All! Yu-Gi-Oh Style
Catch those Duel Monsters!!

Multiple Anime's

You're Lovely
What happens when your mind wanders as you try to sleep. (warning: Anime Cross-dressing)

Burimyu Meets Kuromyu
Dedicated to two awesome musicals, Rock Musical Bleach and Kuroshitsuji!

Anime Being Silly
A collection of SD, chibi, and funny faces!

Let Anime Rock (version 1)
Fun moving song with an anime montage!

Let Anime Rock (version 3)
Fun moving song with an anime montage remade with new clips! Final surviving version.

Be A Man (version 1)
Follow-up to my "Lovely" video, Major Armstrong takes over the lesson!

Be A Man (version 2)
Follow-up to my "Lovely" video, Major Armstrong takes over the lesson! Much better in my opinion.

Sebastian's Little List*NEW*
A list of people who would not be missed.

Money! (That's What I Want)*NEW*
We all want money, right?!

Shall We Dance?*NEW*
Get out on the dance floor!


"Let Me In" Parody Trailer
Parody trailer for the horror film "Let Me In".

PortConMaine 2010 Talent Show (or Ciel Can Dance)
My performance in the talent show.

PortConMaine 2010 Talent Show (or Ciel Can Dance II)
Subtitle: What happens when Sebastian's not around... My second performance in the Talent Show.

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